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Bungie reveals a detailed roadmap for the next two seasons of Destiny 2 content

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If you’d been around to Bungie offices, knocked on the door and peered through the blinds to see a few developers badly hidden behind the full scale Fallen Captain in the lobby, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Destiny 2 developer has been uncharacteristically quiet as of late. Bungie has been raked over the coals lately for their silence over the state of Destiny 2, and maybe rightfully so.

The studio has promised a more open line of communication and more details on the moths between major content drops. And they’ve begun delivering on that promise with a new roadmap that plots out the future of Destiny 2 and its next two seasons of content. After a new patch introduced new gameplay mechanics that began rejiggering the experience towards a game that was more akin to the glory days of the first major chapter in the franchise.

The road ahead? 6v6 Crucible matches, reworked shaders and a whole lot more in the cosmetic department for the sandbox shooter. “ A few weeks ago, we published a Dev Update with some details about our plans for Destiny 2,” Game Director Christopher Barrett wrote on the Bungie website.

With the first of those downloads out the door, we’re following up on the conversation with a clearer outlook on when more features and content will arrive in the game. This roadmap contains a series of updates that are scheduled to land in the weeks and months to come.

Everything you’ll find below will be delivered to every player of Destiny 2. Some of these delivery dates may change, but everything you see listed here is being worked on the by the team. While there are larger projects in development, these are the game enhancements you’ll find in your immediate future. If any of these deployments change, we’ll let you know.

As for the roadmap itself? Take a gander below (click to embiggen):

It’s…well it’s a start. It definitely leans a lot more on the visual side of Destiny 2, of creating a Guardian who stands out from the Iron Wolfpack. My biggest fear however, is that it still represents a game that appears to look different, but is still very much a case of players going through certain motions. Destiny 1 suffered from this and Destiny 2 is headed down that path unless its next Mars-centric expansion can give players something to do beyond missions which focus on providing moments of glory.

Expect more details on these cha-cha-changes when Bungie discusses them in a detailed update this week.

Last Updated: February 1, 2018

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