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Bungie says – Don't Install Halo 3 Using NXE

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halo3 Joystiq reported that Bungie engineers have said that installing Halo 3 to the harddrive using the NXE’s new install feature will actually result in less than optimal play. Installing games can result in slightly faster load times most of the time although from the games that I’ve tested – Gears 2, Fable 2 and Fallout 3 the sppeed increase in the load times is not substantial at all, what installing does do however is quell the force de noise that the disc drive normaly makes.

A post on the Bungie forums by engineer Mat Noguchi explains that installing Halo 3 will actually make the game load slower. When the game was being produced, it was designed to take advantage of the HDD in a specific way. “If a HDD is present, we copy maps from the DVD to the utility partition on the HDD,” he says. “Even if Halo 3 is already installed on the HDD, it will still copy maps to the utility partition.” And that right there is the problem, copying data from a disc to a drive is fast when compared to the HDD copying and writing to itself as it can’t read and write at the same time.

As for weather Bungie plan to fix the issue or not is another story as the game was completed before Microsoft finalised the new feature. Bungie devs have said that the time and effort involved in completely recoding the feature may not be worth it and it’s probably best that you don’t install the game, or delete it if you already have. I’m sure we will see more games pop up in the next 2 weeks that have the same problem, and I wouldn’t expect fixes for those either. 

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Last Updated: November 20, 2008

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