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Bungie’s showing off The Taken King Exotics tomorrow

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I know it’s normally Darryn waxing lyrical about Destiny, but I must admit that getting my hands on the Taken King earlier this month really reignited my interest in the online pew pew title from Bungie. The upcoming expansion really is taking criticisms to heart, while also offering plenty of reasons for existing fans to stick around for year two. Like brand new exotic weapons for example, which Xur is showing off tomorrow.

Or, at the very least, Xur will be taking to Instagram to show off some of his future stock. A post today by Bungie teased the strange appearance by Xur on the photo social platform tomorrow, where he’ll be listing some of the shiny new yellow weapons you’ll soon replace your Gjallarhorn with.

“My will is not my own, Guardian. The Nine have commanded me to reveal Exotic treasures you may discover in your future. I will speak with you tomorrow. – Xûr, Agent of the Nine,”

It’s unclear whether Xur will make an unscheduled stop by the Tower just for this event too, but one thing is certain. There is absolutely no way he’s going to be selling the coveted Taken King booty, just in case you were planning to farm a little to get the jump on everyone else. That’s going to have to wait until next month.

And it’s not that long of a wait anymore, with The Taken King launching on all Destiny platforms come September 15th – with a plethora of changes to the Destiny formula coming along with it.

Last Updated: August 25, 2015

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