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Burnout Paradise choose PS3 as lead platform

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I think Burnout was one of the first games that I ever bought for my Xbox 1 console. I have never been the greatest fan of driving games but Burnout really did keep my attention. I really enjoyed that game.

So when I received the press release from EA Games about Burnout Paradise coming to South Africa in January 2008 I was very chuffed. Some of the interesting things coming in Burnout Paradise are…

1. Co-op: Join up with 7 buddies to tackle Freeburn Challenges.
2. Crash Deformation
3. Destruction records: Lets break stuff
4. Mugshots: When you beat someone online who has a camera installed you get to keep their photo to gloat over… now that’s just creepy…

However what I found even more interesting was a link this morning that states that Burnout was developed using the PS3 as the lead platform and ported to the 360.

Nick Channon, the head cheese behind Burnout, said this was done to give both platforms the best quality game. As it is easier to port to the 360 than the other way around…. While this isn’t the first game to do this I did find it suprising since it was an EA Game… Now I really want to see how this turns out and the obligatory PS3 vs 360 video is highly anticipated.

xbox360: PS3 dev makes for better 360 games? Burnout Paradise thinks so

Last Updated: November 29, 2007

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