Buy The Witcher 2 Collector’s Edition and get free head

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The sequel to CD Projekt Red’s unexpected hit The Witcher, is coming out in May next year. The RPG is subtitled Assassin of Kings and if the first game is anything to go by, this follow up should be excellent.

The Witcher had a pretty decent collector’s edition when it came out in 2007, but it looks like CD Projekt Red isn’t only planning on polishing the gameplay; they’re beefing up the Collector’s Edition as well.

All the standard Collector’s Edition stuff is there: you’ve got the game, a making of DVD, the official soundtrack and a manual. But then things start to get a little more interesting. Included is a hardcover art book, which if it is anything like the art book from the first Witcher Collector’s Edition, will feature lots of boobs.

There’s a fold-out map of the world in which the game takes place as well as a replica of a Temerian coin. Along with that comes a custom deck of The Witcher playing cards, a set of dice and a neat little rulebook that details how to play the various card games that are found in the actual game.

Does that sound good? There’s a ton more: you’ll get a cursed coin that is folded up in a pamphlet, which we assume has some connection and meaning in the game itself. There are also some papercraft figures for you to fold up and glue together, as well as actual stickers. The obligatory codes for exclusive DLC will net you the Vernon Roche Commando Jacket that supposedly provides significant stat boosts to sword fighting skills.

Finally (what did you think we were finished) you’ll get a model of Geralt of Rivia’s head – as in the head on his shoulders. See? There’s your head! Happy now?

The whole lot is priced at $130 so hopefully it’ll be just less than a grand if we get it in South Africa. There’s no real reason why we shouldn’t though, considering we got the first Collector’s Edition anyway.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 17, 2010

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