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Buying a Vita? You WILL be buying a memory card too

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Got your eye on Sony new handheld, The deliciously sleek, feature-filled PlayStation Vita? We told you already that the device has no on-board memory, and that you’d probably have to shell out for one of the system’s proprietary – and thus ludicrously expensive – memory cards. Then news came that PlayStation Vita games would save directly  to the game card. You might have though that you’d be able to get away with not buying a memory card at the same time as the device then, and pick one up when you had a bit of spare change lying about.

Well, no. Turns out a memory card is pretty much mandatory.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (and translated for our eyes by Andriasang) has had some extensive hands-on with the device, and has compiled an FAQ for prospective purchasers. One of the most glaring things to be found in said FAQ is that the memory card is an essential purchase, as many games won’t even run if you don’t have one installed. While many games do save directly to the game card, others insist on saving to a memory card, and without one, they won’t allow you to play at all.

Games confirmed to require the accessory include Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Dream Club Zero, Disgaea 3, Everybody’s Golf 6, Monster Radar and Touch My Katamari. Remember, the Memory cards are proprietary, meaning you won;t be able to just grab the spare memory card from your camera and get playing. Here’s what you’re probably look at paying for a memory card :

  • Memory Card 4GB ¥2,200, $29, R230
  • Memory Card 8GB ¥3,200, $42, R330
  • Memory Card 16GB ¥5,500, $71, R560
  • Memory Card 32GB ¥9,500, $124, R975
  • As the Vita supports full, downloadable games you’d probably want to look at picking up the biggest memory card you can – adding nearly R1000 to the price of an already expensive handheld. There’s no confirmation of local pricing as yet, but it looks like we’ll be paying R2799 for the non-3G version, and R3499 for the 3G enabled one. The PlayStation Vita does look pretty hot though, and with the amazing games on the way, my recommendation is to start saving. Unless you’re the 1%.

    Last Updated: October 27, 2011

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