Buying Windows 10 won’t be cheap

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Windows 10 is finally out at the end of next month, and everyone with a legitimate license for either Windows 8 or 7 will be able to jump ship for the low price of absolutely nothing. It’s a new strategy Microsoft is taking – ensuring that their near 75% strong consumer base in those two operating systems won’t have to fork out more for the update. The other 25%, however, will need to dig deep.

If you’re running a less-than-legal copy of Windows, have an OS older than 7 or just want to get kick started on the Microsoft side of life, you’re going to have to pay. Windows 10 will cost the same as Windows 8 at launch, with the Home and Pro versions costing $120 and $200 respectively. In a little bit of maths that doesn’t make sense, any existing Home owners will be able to upgrade to Pro for $100 – so a full $20 more than just going Pro from the start.

That’s a hefty fee for the Windows 10 buy in – and one you’ll have to pay if you don’t upgrade within the first year too. If you’re on Windows 8 or 7 you probably have been prompted to secure your Windows 10 code already. That code is only valid until July next year, so don’t sit on your hands for too long deciding whether to upgrade.

Windows 10 is a pretty exciting upgrade however, fixing a lot that was wrong with Windows 8. Apps can be separate windows, the Start Menu is back and the OS brings support for DirectX 12 – hopefully ushering in the next generation of PC gaming.

Will you be upgrading on day one, or wait a few months until the initial launch bugs have been squashed?

Last Updated: June 2, 2015

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