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c7e are the Ready.Set.GO! Cup champions

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In the conclusion of the Ready.Set.GO! Cup c7e has beaten Bravado in the finals and [xTc] has forfeited.  

This weekend Bravado and c7e battled it out for the title of champion in the Do Gaming Counter – Strike: Global Offensive Ready.Set.GO! Cup. While many were sure that Bravado would reign supreme as a result of their experience as a team and experience on the competitive scene, others were just as sure that c7e had what it takes to beat the big guys.

c7e won the map Tuscan with a score of 16 – 11 as well as Nuke with 16 – 7 leaving them the champions. The match couldn’t have been an easy one for either of the teams. In the losers bracket [SSG] and [xTc] were meant to face off for third and fourth place in the cup, however [xTc] forfeited their game due to the team players “not being around”.


  1. –c7e
  2. Bravado
  3. [SSG]
  4. [xTc]

It’ll be very interesting to see how things develop in the CS: GO league next year, will Bravado retake their place of comfort by being on top again or will c7e hold their spot as the new champs?

For players who would like to compete in the league next year, registrations are open and will close on 31 December.

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Last Updated: November 26, 2012

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