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This calculator will tell you if evolving in Pokémon GO is worth it

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Pokemon Go CP calculator makes evolutions easy

Pokémon GO might be the easiest, most accessible Pokémon game out there for filthy casuals like me, but it’s got a lot of hidden depth to it. In the pursuit to be the very best, you often have to think a little harder about certain aspect. When to evolve, who to evolve and just how many to stack up often come into play if you’re looking to maximise those precious candies (required to grow your Pokémon collection), and it can be a headache to figure out which ones to hit “Evolve” on.

No more though, thanks to a handy online calculator that is more of less able to do the math for you. PogoToolKit will let you choose your Pokémon from a drop down list, punch in their CP (or combat power) and quickly figure out how strong an evolution of said Pokémon could turn out to be. It works with ranges since the exact figure has a bit of randomisation thrown in, but it’s generally small enough to get a good idea.

I quickly gave it a shot with some of my own Pokémon waiting in the wings to evolve (I was stacking them for use with a Lucky Egg, so don’t say I don’t love you), and the results were pretty much spot on. Using a Zubat with a CP of 256, PogoToolKit calculated that my Golbat would be anything between 665-939 CP. The result?

PogoToolKit Evolution 2

So it worked there, but what about my Pidgey? With a starting CP of 242 I was promised a Pidgeotto of around 413-471. The result was just as accurate.

PogoToolKit Evolution 1

It must be noted that the website currently only deals with first-stage Pokémon primarily, and gives estimates for third-stage Pokémon evolutions based on the base starting point. Put simply, the calculator is assuming you save up enough candies to do all required evolutions at once, taking a Pidgey to Pidgeotto and straight to Pidgeot as an example. It’s likely more functionality will be added in the near future though.

But with this and PokeVision around, understanding exactly how to tackle Pokémon GO is becoming a little more manageable. Which will only help when Niantic releases more features.

Last Updated: July 29, 2016

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