Call of Duty Black Ops vs Modern Warfare 2 (Screenshot Comparison)

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Gamingbolt has put together some screenshot comparisons between Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops and when you see them side by side it’s pretty unbelievable how fantastic Black Ops looks.

Like really unbelievable… but I guess this is what happens when you compare screenshots from a released game to an upcoming game which still has complete control over what it releases.

I think Black Ops is going to be awesome but I have to say I think these shots are a little to perfect to believe. Let’s hope I am proven to be wrong when it gets released.

Oh and don’t forget the gallery system is working again so click a shot to see the larger version and then scroll through the gallery from there.

call_of_duty_black_ops_modern_warfare_2_1 call_of_duty_black_ops_modern_warfare_2_2 call_of_duty_black_ops_modern_warfare_2_3 call_of_duty_black_ops_modern_warfare_2_4 call_of_duty_black_ops_modern_warfare_2_5

Black Ops is on top and Modern Warfare 2 on the bottom.

Source: GamingBolt

Last Updated: October 29, 2010

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