Call of Duty Elite iOS application now available

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Colour me surprised but how did Activision create a huge service like Call of Duty Elite and not have an iOS application ready to go at the start?

It just seems like an obvious addition to what is already quite an intriguing service.

But what’s important is that it now exists and I’ve just installed it on the phone and I’m pretty impressed.

You can check out your career stats, mine aren’t so pretty as I have a 0.78 K/D Ratio and only with 38% of my matches though to be fair when I check my recent matches it shows that my last 10 matches have me with a K/D Ratio of 1.17 with my best game coming 8 days ago when I played a Search & Destroy game on Lockdown and got 7 kills..

Wait that’s not good.. oh well.

The app is now available on the appstore, it’s free and if you play Call of Duty at all then you should give it a go as it’s pretty cool to show your friends while talking about your awesome game last night.

Android version coming soon

Last Updated: January 12, 2012

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