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Call of Duty Elite Members Getting Exclusive Web Series

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Activision, with the use of a humorous little marketing video voiced by comedian T.J Miller, recently announced that they will be launching a paid online service called Call of Duty Elite that adds a whole bunch of online functionality to your Call of Duty experience.

It has now been revealed that a Call of Duty web series is in the works and that it will be an exclusive to Elite members. Worth subscribing now?

According to an interview with The Guardian, they are going to be working together with “Hollywood” to make this series that will come as an exclusive to the Elite members. In this world of video downloaders, YouTube and about a billion other video services… do they really think that they will be able to keep the videos exclusive without them getting out?

It’s already quite evident that the only real people that will even be thinking about putting money into Call of Duty Elite are the really hardcore COD players, but let’s not forget for a moment that there are plenty where they come from.

If you ask me… unless they are created by YouTube’s Freddie Wong, famous for his gaming-related special effects short films and also known for the incredible two part Modern Warfare inspired Frozen Crossing fan film (Part 1 here , Part 2 here) then we should all shout, scream and throw some vegetables at Activision.

Are you going to subscribe to Call of Duty Elite?

Source: The Guardian via 1UP

Last Updated: June 2, 2011

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