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Call of Duty: Invasion DLC pack showcased

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The latest Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC map pack has been revealed. Invasion is bringing 3 brand new maps, 1 recycled map and some brand new Extinction gameplay.

Instantly YouTube has exploded with complaints that they aren’t releasing a new weapon in this map pack and that the recycled map, Favela, hasn’t even been re-skinned but there are a minority of people who are excited that they get to play this fan-favourite from Modern Warfare 2 again.

First up take a look at the launch trailer.

And a quick breakdown.


The first new map is Pharaoh which is set in an Egyptian dig site which looks like a great small scale map with some tight corners and interesting level interaction.


Next up we have what I truly hope is going to be an awesome map because it just looks so great. Departed appears to be set during a Mexican day of the dead festival. With oversized floats and brilliant colours providing the backdrop for all out warfare.

It’ll also contain what appears to be a brand new special character who will dual-wield revolvers and lay waste to the enemy.


Next up we’re hitting the high seas in an action packed pirate adventure with Mutiny.

The biggest surprise in this map appears to be a new field order which is a slight change on the Enemy Salvo one. This time a battleship on the horizon appears to unleash a full on broadsde onto the ship you are fighting on.

Not to ignore the pirate ghosts option though which looks.. different.


And last and probably least is the inclusion of the Modern Warfare 2 fan-favourite map, Favela. This map doesn’t appear to have been changed at all so you can either call it a cheap cash-in by Infinity Ward or an ode to the glory days of past with this favourite map.

Either way you are getting 4 new maps for Ghosts plus some brand new Extinction.

Extinction: Episode 3

But don’t worry if the multiplayer aspect isn’t your thing, Infinity Ward have also included Episode 3 of the Extinction experience in this DLC which looks like it might start explaining all the weird aliens and disasters that have affected this part of the game. I really wish I could have gotten into the Extinction stuff but it just never really resonated with me.

So Ghosts fans out there, do you feel this is a value-for-money addition to your season pass or are Infinity Ward scraping the bottom of the barrel here? Personally I’m happy with 4 new maps to add to the rotation and I can’t wait to jump into the Departed map when the DLC is released for the Xbox on the 3rd of June.

PlayStation and PC fans are going to have to wait as usual, as Microsoft has the timed exclusive on all Call of Duty DLC.

Last Updated: May 30, 2014


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