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You can expect to see Devil May Cry before the end of March 2019

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Devil May Cry 5 (2)

I’m still buzzing from E3 2018’s greatest announcement: Official confirmation of a brand new Devil May Cry at long bloody last. Not a pachinko game, not a remaster and definitely not a tap-happy mobile game. Devil. May. Cry. Five. In case you’ve been living under a rock that’s roughly the size of Russia and you’ve never played Devil May Cry before, then A: Dude what is wrong with you and B: It’s the best damn action game franchise ever.

Devil May Cry is over the top, demonically deadly in its action and wonderfully self-aware of how ridiculous it is. It’s pretty much the reverse Dark Souls, a glorious power fantasy that has you sending the legions of the damned screaming back to the hellohole that they climbed out of. Elements which I saw plenty of in the E3 debut for the fifth chapter in the series.

With Devil May Cry 3 and 4’s Hideaki Itsuno once again helming the project, I’m beyond amped to play the sequel. A sequel which you probably won’t have long to wait for. According to Destructoid, Devil May Cry 5’s release date of Spring 2019 has now been shortened to “before the end of March” by the Capcom investor relations arm.

That’s not exactly surprising. Capcom has a habit of releasing big games early in the year, usually dropping a notable release in January or February. It’s a move that plenty of other publishers have begun copying, as the end of February is looking especially busy in 2019. Anyway, there you go. A video game that allows you to use your own demon-slaying mechanical arm as an aerial surfboard while you pepper monsters with massive bullets. Also, Dante looks like the maddest granddad you’ve ever seen.

And now for your amusement, Devil May Cry 5’s fantastic theme song:

Last Updated: June 18, 2018

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