Can Gearbox handle another disaster?

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The review embargo for Aliens: Colonia Marines drops later today but a few unscrupulous (or uninformed) sites have dropped their reviews already and it really isn’t looking good for this title.

Since we’re under embargo I can’t really link to those, that and I’m not one for supporting being scumbags, but needless to say the reviews aren’t painting the game in a good light and I’ve started to wonder if the shine that Gearbox had as a studio is maybe about to be wiped out?

Gearbox is mostly famous for its incredible Borderlands series which has received awards across the planet for its originality and entertainment values.

However their last big title was the much maligned Duke Nukem Forever which was an abysmal piece of software that surprised even the biggest Duke or Gearbox fans. Quickly after the release we were told that Gearbox simply mashed the existing code together and shoved it out the door to please the fans.

They even hinted that a better title may well be on the way.

This appeased us as it was a brave studio to even attempt to take on Duke Nukem and at least that running joke is now over.

But now with Aliens the rumours are already cropping up that Gearbox themselves didn’t work on the single player at all and only really focussed on the multiplayer. From all accounts the multiplayer isn’t dreadful which gives me hope that Gearbox still know what they are doing, but if they continue to outsource or buy external code that isn’t up to scratch they are going to lose the respect of gamers.

The Aliens: Colonial Marines embargo drops at 11am sharp, make sure you come back to see what Geoff thought about the game.

Last Updated: February 12, 2013

Gavin Mannion

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  • Deon Steyn

    Duke Nukem Forever had to be done, now they can move on to a new Duke game. With Aliens you will want to play multiplayer because you can play with people against the AI. This will be how survival horror should be done with action in the mix….. I hope.

  • Twakkie

    Ag poef…

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    Curious about the review
    *sits and looks at clock*

  • Willem Swanepoel

    Bad review or not. My game arrives at work today 😉

    • Sir Captain Rincethis

      You let me know what you think when you sit down tonight sir!

  • Lardus

    The guy in the header looks more constipated than full of fear. Is that the look they were going for? I believe the Xenomorph is just politely asking him to give a courtesy flush!

    • OVG

      comment of the week

  • Collectors Edition ready for pickup… an Aliens game is like sex, when its good its great but when its bad its still pretty good.

    • Turn up the volume while playin it. You’ll think you’re watching another Aliens film.

      As a FPS it leaves a lot to be desired… As an Aliens game is not THAT bad. Even though the graphics are crappy, they get the job done. Story sucks, it has nice ideas, but it sucks.

      Those who aren’t fans of the franchise should wait until it’s cheaper, or wait until a more generic shooter comes out. Don’t get me wrong, this is very generic, but the coop and the setting make it exciting for fans, even though a lot will hate some stuff storywise.

  • M

    I saw copies of Colonial Marines on sale yesterday (in Cape Town). NOT pre-order display cases, but actual copies across all platforms. I almost bought it….but decided to wait for the reviews. Seems some local distributers are releasing early.

    • Where were they on sale?

      • M

        Musica. But when I expressed surprise at seeing it, they said to one another “you’d better check that” so maybe they will pull it by today.

        Incidentally, I picked up an amazing deal while there. They had one of those 5-games-plasticbundled-together deals, priced at R200, which wasn’t bad. But when I got to the counter they scanned it and said it was marked down. It only cost R76!! Therefore, I got Dead Space 2, Medal of Honour, Fifa 11, Bulletstorm, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit………for R15,20 each! However, bad news – I got the last copy.

        • Holy cow that’s an amazing special.. I love retail errors 🙂

          • M

            Yep! I always price around, even going to the traditionally more expensive stores that don’t specialize. And sometimes pick up insane deals because the non-gamer-manager just marks down old stock without realising. For example: I got Mirror’s Edge at R40 from CNA (while it was still full price everywhere else, and YEARS before the classic/budget range came out). Got Dead Space 1 for R19 from Musica (admittedly recently). Also picked up many games at 1/3rd to 1/4 the normal cost at Incredible Connection, Makro, Game etc, which were still selling at full retail price elsewhere (even in BT Games). Once in a while you find a nugget, if you prospect long enough. And if you don’t mind pacing a mall or two.

          • Trevor Davies

            There was a nice one on Steam during the previous Xmas sale – Sleeping Dogs was 91% off instead of 66% for a couple of hours

  • Macethy

    Told everyone that Gearbox is overrated but nobody listens…
    Buy Dead Space 3 instead.

    • LOL! Dead Space is a piece of turd. Keep giving your money to EA, they LOVE it!

      • Macethy

        And I love EA so they can glady have my money. You keep spending you cash on over-hyped and underwhelming Gearbox games!

      • Macethy

        And I love EA so they can glady have my money. You keep spending you cash on over-hyped and underwhelming Gearbox games!

        • I never told people what to buy, because I’m no one to tell them that. Say whatever you want about Gearbox, no matter how shitty this game is, is nothing compared to what EA does to their games.

          And if you really love EA then we have nothing to discuss.

          • Macethy

            In your previous comment you said “keep giving your money to EA”, basically telling me to keep buying EA games! And yes I will keep buying their games because they make what I like and I enjoy them. Suddenly it’s the cool thing to hate on EA in the gaming community, all of a sudden everyone turns on EA because it’s the cool thing to do. Gearbox is just as greedy as EA but they just make worse games, including Borderlands.

    • Damnation

      nah save your money and buy 1 and 2; 3 ruined the series

    • Damnation

      nah save your money and buy 1 and 2; 3 ruined the series

  • Purple_Dragon

    Very disappointing. Was all ready to go and buy it this morning but I think I’ll wait for Geoff’s thoughts on the game.

  • I played the game. its the worst game I played recently. 1998 graphics, worst than not only the previous Alients vs Predator game but the one that came out in 1999. Its HORRIBLE! Its a shame Gearbox has to associate itself with such crud as this and DNF because Borderlands series is amazing! Do you notice a pattern? Whenever Gearbox works on something BY THEMSELVES it turns out good but whenever MULTIPLE studios are involved and/or the game has a long, shitty history (such as in the case of the two games I mentioned) its pure DISASTER!

    Moral of the story? Make games yourselves Gearbox because people will unfortunately not bother figuring out that its not your fault that the game is shit and they will blame you for it and I want Borderlands III!

    • Except that Borderlands is also a collaboration, which sort of destroys your theory.

      • What are you talking about? Borderlands was developed by Gearbox, 2K are the publishers. Would you care to trace the history of both A vs P and DNF? How many company/engine switches they had? Spare me the bullshit

      • jerrific

        ya that’s just not true

  • Cabbit

    Just got my collector’s copy for pc and I’m very happy with the content inside so far. Installing the game as I speak. Will post more when I’ve played the game for a little while.

  • Will

    Their last big title was Duke Nukem? what about Borderlands 2?

  • Cantor

    Wow, DmC, Dead Space 3 and now Aliens… Bad times to be a gamer

    • what’s wrong with DmC and Dead Space 3 other than a group of gamers who are bitching about them not being copy/paste jobs of the previous entries? By most accounts, they are very good games. Aliens however, is not.

  • jerrific

    …seriously. talk about overreactions. as long as they keep pumping out more borderlands i don’t give a shit what else they do. bl2 is my favorite shooter of all time, and it isn’t even close.

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