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Can Gearbox handle another disaster?

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The review embargo for Aliens: Colonia Marines drops later today but a few unscrupulous (or uninformed) sites have dropped their reviews already and it really isn’t looking good for this title.

Since we’re under embargo I can’t really link to those, that and I’m not one for supporting being scumbags, but needless to say the reviews aren’t painting the game in a good light and I’ve started to wonder if the shine that Gearbox had as a studio is maybe about to be wiped out?

Gearbox is mostly famous for its incredible Borderlands series which has received awards across the planet for its originality and entertainment values.

However their last big title was the much maligned Duke Nukem Forever which was an abysmal piece of software that surprised even the biggest Duke or Gearbox fans. Quickly after the release we were told that Gearbox simply mashed the existing code together and shoved it out the door to please the fans.

They even hinted that a better title may well be on the way.

This appeased us as it was a brave studio to even attempt to take on Duke Nukem and at least that running joke is now over.

But now with Aliens the rumours are already cropping up that Gearbox themselves didn’t work on the single player at all and only really focussed on the multiplayer. From all accounts the multiplayer isn’t dreadful which gives me hope that Gearbox still know what they are doing, but if they continue to outsource or buy external code that isn’t up to scratch they are going to lose the respect of gamers.

The Aliens: Colonial Marines embargo drops at 11am sharp, make sure you come back to see what Geoff thought about the game.

Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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