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Can this laptop stop the death of PC gaming?

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Maybe if your pockets are deep enough at least. Razer, that manufacturer of a plethora of gaming peripherals and hardware, had been running an ad campaign recently, teasing the world with a solution to what it was calling the imminent demise of PC gaming. That solution? A $2800 ultra slim laptop with enough hardware crammed in to start its own Skynet revolution.

Codenamed “The Blade”, Razers new gaming laptop emphasises portability as much as it does next gen gaming. The super thin laptop features a 17 inch screen, weighs around 3 kilograms, and has a power supply unit that isn’t the size of a brick, that most high-end laptops come with lately.

Other hardware, is an Intel Core i7 processor, a specially designed 2gig Nvidia Graphics card, 8 gigabytes of RAM and a user interface designed to make hotkeys and macro customisations easier. There’s even a touch-sensitive LCD mini panel on the device that will transmit additional gaming info such as current quests and in game messages.

The battery life has been designed to be robust, with estimates stretching the device at 6 hours for when the Switchblade is idle, and around 2 and half hours for games at maximum settings.

At a press gathering in Seattle last week, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan asked the audience assembled there, “When was the last time any of us was really passionate about a laptop or a desktop from the PC space? Not ever. It’s been a long, long time. With the blade unveiled, Tan called it “The world’s first true gaming laptop”.

“That’s a pretty audacious, a pretty ballsy statement for us to make,” Tan added. “But it fits the title because it has true portability, incredible performance and revolutionary user interface”.

Tan then demonstrated some of the features of the 4 inch wide multitouch screen on the Blade, such as using it to create customizable gestures. In one instance, he used two fingers to make a swipe motion that triggered fast turns in a FPS game. Another option showed the screen being used as a video player, showing stats, YouTube videos and acting as a music player.

So far, it seems like a great piece of hardware, with some fantastic potential thanks to its impressive internals, and will no doubt make competitors such as MSI and Alienware stand up, especially considering that remark Tan made about the Blade being the “first true gaming laptop”.

Source: Kotaku


Last Updated: August 29, 2011

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