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Can we expect a new PS3 Slim next month?

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The worlds biggest gaming convention, Gamescom, kicks off next month in Cologne Germany and with it we expect a huge pile of exciting news to be released around which games are going to steal our money this holiday season and what is going to make next year better than this year.

The other great hope is that all three contenders are going to announce price cuts but by all accounts it’s Sony who may well surprise us all with a brand new PS3.

The PS3 is doing excellently in sales the world over, besides in America, but it goes without saying that a price cut would reinvigorate the market and help them overtake the Xbox 360 into second place before the next generation arrives.

If they do redesign the PS3 it would be the third major redesign in this generation after starting with the George Foreman inspired PS3 fat before slimming it down and removing some functionality. However as Gadgehit points out this slimmer model we are currently used to seeing isn’t being called the PS3 Slim by Sony themselves which could mean that they have yet another slimline model in the development cycle.

If they do surprise us all and release a new model at Gamescom which retails for less than a Xbox 360 it would be a massive surprise and will force Microsoft and Nintendo to respond which would make for an entertaining next couple of months.

Here is a mock up of PS3 Slim created by Gaf


Last Updated: July 27, 2011

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