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Can’t afford that Ferrari? Get 20,000,000 credits in GT6 for free!

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Worried about pesky micro transactions limiting your progress in GT6? YouTube user Radical Dreamer  has made a video detailing a bug allowing you to get 20 million credits for free. The bug came to be after the release of the 1.01 update.


The bug consists of buying and then selling the Vision GT AMG Mercedes available for purchase in game. You must be on the 1.01 update before trying this. After buying the car for one million dollars (Or getting it as a gift), you immediately quit out of the game, go to game data, and delete the GT6 game data from the PS3. Once you’ve done that, launch the game again. When it prompts you to install the update, don’t. Once the game is launched go back to the garage. Since the car doesn’t exist in the game anymore, it’ll be named [2055] in your garage. You can sell it for 333,893,996 credits! Unfortunately, the maximum you can have is 20 million. Sell the car and you’re all set with 20 million credits!

An interesting and certainly useful bug, but I don’t see it lasting long until they patch it. That being said, so far in my experience with GT6, money hasn’t been hard to come by. Some of the more lavish cars are either given to you after completing certain challenges and others you don’t need ever.

If you want a leg up in owning some of the more ridiculously expensive cars, be sure to jump on this before it’s too late!

Last Updated: December 11, 2013

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