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You can’t have this unbelievably gorgeous Star Wars Battlefront mod

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Star Wars Battlefront mod

For all of Star Wars Battlefront’s shortcomings, it’s hard not to appreciate at the very least the amount of painstaking detail DICE has pumped into the Star Wars shooter. There’s an incredible amount of detail, all brought to life by the technically stunning Frostbite Engine. Battlefront is easily one of the most technically gorgeous games ever made, and it only took a week for a fan to improve on it.

Or at the very least, improve visuals on Tatooine alone. The planet with the least visual variation of the current lot.

Acclaimed modder of GTA V (although the mod itself was never made public), Martin Bergman has returned for Star War Battlefront, bringing with him his Toddyhancer set of tools to really push DICE’s shooter beyond the uncanny valley. Posting a few shots online, Bergman shows just how gorgeous a few intensive tweaks here and there can transform an already stellar looking game, although it all comes t a cost.

But we’ll talk about that later. After I’ve picked up my jaw from the floor.




Bergman has only applied his mod to Tatooine (with his extensive, full sized gallery of images right here), and as previously stated it’s one of the more one-tone maps the game offers. Getting the same results out of Endor, for example, will be a much trickier feat to pull off, and one that far more intensive on your PC. Bergman explained that his mod bludgeoned the framerate, robbing the game of up to 40 FPS in most instance. It’s probably why the mod itself isn’t public yet, and probably never will be.

So you’re just left looking at screenshots of what the next Battlefront might end up looking like. It’s not like DICE and EA aren’t already planning for that.

Last Updated: November 25, 2015

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