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Capcom blames poor SFxT sales on cannibalism

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I really like Capcom’s crossover collaboration,. Street fighter X Tekken. It’s a deceptively complex, fun little fighter, held together with some genuine innovation. It hasn’t performed quite as well at retail as Capcom would’ve liked though – selling short of the company’s expectations and moving just 1.6 million units worldwide since its launch.

Why? Too many fighting games in too short a time, says Capcom.

“Sales of ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ have fallen short of our plan,” the publisher said in an investors’ call. “We believe one of the causes is cannibalism because of the large number of other games in this genre that were launched within a short time,” it said.

Capcom almost single-handedly revived the fighting game genre back in 2009 with Street Fighter IV, and since then has released at least 4 thousand or so versions of that same game, including ‘Super’ and ‘Arcade Edition’ versions of SFIV, a ‘3D Edition’ for Nintendo’s 3DS as well as regular and ‘Volt’ editions on iOS. In addition to that we’ve seen two versions of Marvel vs Capcom 3, a rerelease of Street Fighter III: Third Strike and a few retro releases of Street Fighter II.

So if anybody’s flooded the market with fighters, I’d have to say it’s you, Capcom.

Since the more recent boom in fighting games, we’ve seen new entries in stalwart franchises like King of Fighters, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat and Blazblue as well as newcomers like Skullgirls.

Last Updated: May 16, 2012

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