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Capcom done with Marvel vs Capcom 3? Apparently So.

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In a very strange move to come from Capcom today, they revealed via Twitter that they are completely done with Marvel vs Capcom 3, meaning no more content is on the way.

This seems to make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever considering that the game was pretty much designed to allow DLC character additions from the word go, not to mention that the character roster is incredibly light compared to the previous game.

We contacted Capcom for clarification on their comment. That and more after the jump.

If you want to wear a tin-foil hat with me for just a moment, I wonder if they aren’t planning on releasing a ‘new’ Marvel vs Capcom again next year, sort of how they released Super Street Fighter IV with extra characters, additions and balancing.


The tweet from Capcom was pretty straightforward, as they responded to to the question “@CapcomEuro Any MvC3 announcements?” with:

@dan_mui MvsC3 is out, done and dusted, no further announcements planned”

Surprising to say the least. This could of course, merely be a touch of miscommunication, as they may just mean that they have no further announcements for the Captivate event.

I contacted Capcom to find clarify the comment for us, and they replied to us via Twitter saying:

“MvsC3 there is nothing left to announce”


Well, that’s that then folks. Done and dusted. Well, unless they have something else up their sleeve.

Last Updated: April 13, 2011

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