Capcom : No More Racism in Our Games

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Before Resident Evil 5 was released, there were cries, stupidly, that the game – in which you slaughter hundreds upon hundreds of undead – was racist. Racist, because those reanimated corpses happened to be black. The fact that it was set in Africa, where presumably the majority of people are y’know…African didn’t really factor.

Capcom though, have learnt a lesson from the ordeal – and there’ll be no more racist imagery, imagined or not, in their games.

“Since the RE5 controversy, we have become much more aware of how important it is that we are part of the asset creation process early on so that we are able to have a say in the end product,” said Melody Pfeiffer, senior PR manager for Capcom US.

“We are also designing a lot of our own assets from this side of the pond so that we are able to make strategic pieces of content that make sense for our market. We are working really closely with our producers in Japan to construct these materials for the West and they are open more then ever to hearing our thoughts and ideas for assets.”

So the western, more politically correct branches of Capcom will have a hand in character and asset design to ensure that the insensitive Japanese teams don’t offend people. What are they going to do? Make sure that all characters that die are now white? are all of Capcom’s heroes now going be of African decent?

That apparently puts paid to hopes that Resident Evil 6 would be set on the Gaza strip, killing zombies on both sides with guns that shoot pork bullets.

Source : Gamasutra

Last Updated: August 25, 2010

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