Capcom’s rereleasing more of its old fighters

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MVCOCapcom has no problem taking its old games, repackaging them and selling them anew. Actually, that’s something that could be said about the whole damned industry right now. soon we’ll be seeing remakes of remakes. I digress though; the point of this particular post is to highlight the fact that Capcom’s releasing two of its old beat-em-ups in a package they’re calling Marvel vs Capcom Origins.

Containing two of its old CPS1 titles -  Marvel Super Heroes and the first Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes – Marvel vs Capcom Origins will be coming to XBLA and PSN – for $15 -  in September. Both games will receive an HD upscaling makeover, sport GGPO netcode, 8-player lobbies, a new spectator mode, dynamic challenges and replay saving. Weird combination; the second and fifth titles in Capcom’s Marvel licenced games. They’ll probably release the others as DLC.

As mush flak as I give Capcom for being a money-grubbing bunch, I’ll probably end up getting this. There’s no denying Capcom’s incredible fighting game heritage – and I spent entirely too much time playing these games on arcade in my youth. I’m also the twit who bought Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting and the HD remix on Xbox li…oh god, I’m PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Really though, I’d prefer a Capcom vs SNK 2 rerelease…

Last Updated: July 6, 2012

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