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Captain's Log: Finally Made Contact – Faulty Xbox 360 Swapout Procedure

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You may remember that in January, I posted up a “Captain’s Log”, which was meant to follow the progress of my faulty Xbox 360’s swap-out procedure with MiDigital.

What eventually happened is that I received no response to my request for a swap-out and was very quickly told my all of our readers that faxing through the necessary documents was a waste of time and email was the only option that actually worked properly.

Now at this point, you all probably assumed that I just emailed the documents through and got my new console, but the truth is, that I didn’t. Call it a mixture of forgetting, being too busy, struggling to find the copies of the documents and the fact that I had bought a backup Arcade unit a while back, either way, I never got around to it (The site is called Lazygamer after all).

So how surprised was I when exactly 1 month, 1 week and 4 days later I received a phone call from MiDigital?

Yeah, so my phone rings with some unknown number. I answer and get a very odd and direct questioning on whether or not I received a new console recently. I say that I haven’t and am promptly told that a new one will be delivered on Thursday and that my faulty one will be collected.

Great news for me, but the phone call was so direct and the woman on the other side so plain odd, that it felt as if my console was a ticking time bomb and they wanted to just come and pick it up before I realised it.

I was so surprised and happy that I finally got a response from MiDigital that I actually forgot that I had just waited for over a month to hear back from them, without even getting some sort of an email, sms or phone call to tell me that they are aware of my issue.

I am glad that I finally got a response, but what about the poor everyday person who went out and bought an Xbox 360 as their first console? By now, they have either bought a new one or been put off the entire experience altogether. I do think that MiDigital are starting to slowly make progress, but it seems like they still have quite a way to go.

Last Updated: March 2, 2009

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