Captain's Log: Getting my Xbox 360 replaced

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A little while ago, I posted up an article about how I am now going to be moving onto my fifth, yes fifth, Xbox 360 console since my original purchase.

Well, I thought that for interests sake, I would keep a log of the new swap-out process that goes through MiDigital and even though I am only in the first stages of the replacement process, things are not exactly going peachy.

Here is what MiDigital’s website has to say about the processes timeframe:

“48 hours: Within 48 hours of you supplying the correct and complete information, you will be notified of your “Authorization number”. (Week days only)

5 working days: within 5 working days of receiving your “Authorization number”, you should have your new console delivered to you, subject to stock availability. If it’s not delivered within this timeframe, call 0860XBOX360 (btw this is a typo, it’s supposed to be 0861) for an update.”

It has been around about 7 – 8 working days since I faxed through the forms with my information and proof of purchase. So by now I should have a brand new console replacement sitting in my apartment right?

Find out how things are actually going, after the jump.

Guess what I am going to be doing today? That’s right, I am going to be calling 0861XBOX360… again. Am I surprised that my replacement console hasn’t arrived yet? Not in the slightest. I have already tried calling once today but when I was put through to the right department, the phone just went dead after a while. So why am I calling today anyway?

Maybe that is because I have yet to even receive my “Authorisation Number”, which was supposed to be given to me within 48 hours. I had a busy week and lost track of time, meaning that I was the equivalent of a very patient customer. Well, I was up until the point where I realised that more than a week has gone by and I haven’t reached the second phase of the process yet.

I also emailed the address given to enquire about the process and even though I received a read receipt, telling me that they have seen the email, I haven’t actually gotten any sort of reply.

By now, I should have had a new Xbox 360 instead of sitting and wondering why I haven’t even received my special little number yet. Was there a problem? You would think that someone might have picked up a phone to give me a call about it or at the very least dropped me an email. This is the type of service that people abroad enjoy that we don’t get and the scary thing is that I felt ridiculous just thinking about the idea that someone would actually bother to pick up a phone and give a customer an update.

So then, later today, I will be calling the number provided again to try find out why in the hell absolutely nothing has happened. I will keep posting up logs of my experience with the process so that if you have to make a swap in future, you know what you are in for.

So far, the stopwatch is running and I am sitting on 7 or 8 working days with absolutely no progress whatsoever.

Well done.

Last Updated: January 21, 2009

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