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Captain's Log: Pirates Plunder My Consoles Port

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The last time that I came to you with a Captain’s Log, it was because MiDigital had miraculously called me after over a month to organise to collect my broken console and drop off the new amazing, happy one.

Great stuff, I thought. You can only hope these days that when your replacement console arrives, it might be a Jasper and could mean a lot less RROD woes for you in future.

Well apparently, you can tell hope to go screw itself, because not long after the courier had left, I realised that there was something wrong with my replacement console.

I realised that my console was not only a refurbished one (which does happen sometimes), but the HDMI port had been stolen.

It seems that even though MiDigital see it fit to have me fill out an entire stupid form with my serial numbers and all that tripe, they don’t even bother to find out which model of console you have. I have now been downgraded to an older Xbox 360 model without an HDMI port. Had I been someone who actually used his HDMI to connect everything up, I would now be sitting with a big problem. However, it still doesn’t make me happy knowing I have even older hardware now, unless all the internals were swapped out, but I doubt it.

I emailed Kathy from MiDigital on Thursday (who was suggested to me by readers in the first Captain’s Log) but I have not received any sort of reply yet.

It is unfortunately really apparent that MiDigital has a long way to go until they are able to provide a smooth and effective service, so let’s hope that the progression is swift or by some miracle, Microsoft release a magical software patch that ends hardware failure, although it is more likely that you will run into the Easter Bunny fighting with the Tooth Fairy over two tickets to Atlantis.

Last Updated: March 10, 2009

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