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metal gear ps3 Why not waste your money on a one of a kind Metal Gear modded PS3 signed by Hideo Kojima and Yumi Kicutchi and a ton of limited Metal Gear paraphernalia? The highest bid at time or writing was 305 US Dollars on Ebay! I’d get in there quick if you were really serious about it. Full details after the jump.

The entire PS3 and controller is a combination of Carbon Fiber and Midnight Black done in our own digital camouflage technique.This is protected with nine coats of automotive DuPont Chroma Clear clearcoat. A full size Carbon Fiber Fox Hound logo appears amongst the digital camouflage. The final product is a uniform finish that reflects like a mirror.
The laser cut stainless steel Metal Gear Solid 4 marquee, Blu-Ray drive bezel and the metal accents are hand brushed to a brilliant industrial finish.

Special Features

…The Autographs …

The side panel is a “black” laser etching of Solid Snake custom ordered from Hyperkore Systems and is the only one of its kind. What makes it truly special are the actual autographs of Hideo Kojima and Yumi Kikuchi we got during their first stop on the MGS World Tour in New York City.
It has been specially fitted with 15 white micro LEDs that back light not only the marquee but also the etching so the artwork is viewable in complete darkness. The entire panel was heated and contoured to the exact curve of the PS3 and mounted using four custom machined stainless steel standoffs. As always the voltage was calibrated to not be too bright nor too dim and the back lighting can also be disabled via a small switch on the back of the unit.
The custom controller was chosen because of its strong resemblance to devices that appear in the game. The  buttons are backlit in a deep red and the PS Home button is a custom back lit red “4” button to honor the latest chapter in the series. 
An original 60GB Playstation 3 with FULL hardware backwards compatibility was used to create this mod.
The Metal Gear Solid 4 marquee was drafted in Autocad and laser cut using 1/4 inch stainless steel.
In addition to the console and controller is a massive collection of rare and collectible Metal Gear items:

  • GA-KO Alarm Clock – One of only 2000!
  • The Complete Four Bottle Set of Revive 24 energy drive with all Four Limited MGS4 Items imported from Japan
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 Special Edition T-Shirt
  • Custom Embroidered Otacon Patch – 2 of only 12 in the WORLD
  • Custom Made Fox Hound Vinyl Decal
  • Hardcover Limited Edition MGS4 Strategy Guide with Solid Snake Lithograph!
  • World Tour – Launch Day Dog Tags! 
  • Custom made full size Fox Hound Hardcase for the PS3 and Accessories

You’ll note I said waste in the intro text, this is not because I don’t like Metal Gear or the PS3 for that matter, it’s because the joy of something like this is in the details and that’s were this mod unfortunately lacks polish. Little things like cracks near screws, slight warps due to pressure. Take a look at the pictures lower down the page. It’s a shame really, but that’s my opinion, I’m sure there will be a ton of gamers that go nuts for this.

Thanks to Flameboy for the tip.

Ebay!”>Check out the full product information here

Last Updated: October 22, 2008

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