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Out of all the consoles I ever owned, I’m kind of sad that I never had a Sega Dreamcast. It looked like a machine that was way ahead of its time, but getting such technology in Port Elizabeth in 1999 was most likely a pipe dream. Also, fire bad. Still, the closest that I’ve ever gotten to playing those games, was when I recorded footage of them on Cybernet and pretended to play them while holding a massive plate in my hands. The latest Humble Bundle however, is a step up from my cheap-arse techniques.

It’s the usual Humble Bundle deal. Pay what you want, and get the following games:

Dreamcast Collection

Experience four of SEGA’s classic hits from the Dreamcast era in this must-have collection. Speed through uncharted territories inSonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut, zip around town in Crazy Taxi, fend off menacing invaders in Space Channel 5 Part 2, or get your nostalgia fix with SEGA Bass Fishing! These games are sure to delight old and new gamers of all ages.

NiGHTS Into Dreams

Slip off into the dream world and go on an aerial adventure as NiGHTS in this classic Saturn remake. Collect Ideya (colored orbs), rack up points, and battle bosses to help Elliot and Claris save Nightopia from Wizeman the Wicked. With enhanced graphics, achievements, leaderboards, and playable content from Christmas NiGHTS, this beloved title is back and better than ever.

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic and the All-Stars cast line up on the starting grid once again to battle for supremacy in the ultimate race. Compete across land, water and air in incredible transforming vehicles that change from cars to boats to planes mid-race. It’s Not Just Racing. It’s Racing Transformed!

Included in that, is also the Caesar in Gaul DLC for Total War: Rome 2 and the Miles’ Tactic DLC for Football Manager 2015. Pay more than the current average of $3.59, and you’ll also unlock Empire: Total War and Company of Heroes 2 – The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West. Plus whatever other games are on the way. Pay $12 or more, and you get Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai. Clearly, this is one tactical Humble Bundle on offer.

Go even further and drop $50 worth of coin, and you’ll get all that plus a Dreamcast T-shirt. A rather snazzy T-shirt at that. It’s a nice bundle overall, if you’re into strategy and tactical games. And a Sonic game that isn’t actually crap. Not bad at all.

Last Updated: November 26, 2014

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