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Casting Call: Mass Effect

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This week’s Casting Call takes a look at the popular Xbox 360 RPG of 2007, Mass Effect. Due to the fact that the game allows the player to create their own character, we have used the standard character that is used for the games protagonist, Shepard.

Mass Effect has a lot of potential to be a great space epic. With the games planned as a trilogy as well as a prequel novel that was released before the game, there is a deep story and a great setting set in place for a new franchise to reach out to all the kids that missed the Star Trek and Star Wars bandwagon.

So then, who will be cast as the leading roles. The full image and cast after the jump.


Commander Jack Shepard: Matthew Fox

Many people agree that if there is any actor out there who fits the role of Commander John Shepard, it’s Matthew Fox. That’s right, the guy from the TV series “Lost” that already plays a character similarly named Jack Shepard. Now that’s what I call experience. To make things even more interesting, take a look at who we decided would be a great actress to play the part as Gunnery Sergeant Ashley Williams.

Ashley Williams: Evangeline Lilly

More of those Lost people eh? Yes that’s right because Evangeline is talented, smoking hot and looks the part as well. Not only that, but the above duo have proved that they have great chemistry on screen. Starts to make you wonder if J.J. Abrams should be at the helm of this film.

Liara T’soni: Jillian Murray


What kind of a movie would this be without a love triangle? It is then imperative that we add another character to the mix. In the role of Liara, also known as “that blue prostitute that I saw on Fox News”, we have cast the very woman who voiced the character in the game. Jillian Murray is an upcoming actress that has already worked on quite a few movies already. If she looks the part, has talent and also happens to have the exact same voice as the character in the videogame, we can’t go wrong now can we?

The End… or is it?

Due to the fact that more than half of the characters in Mass Effect would be created using CGI or big strange suits, I have left them out. However, there are still a couple of Mass Effect characters that could feature in the film so I am tinkering with the idea of doing additional Casting Calls where I revisit some of the movies/games already done to add more of the cast.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2008

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