Castle Crashers Experiencing Online Issues

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As reported yesterday, the long awaited beat-em-up, Castle Crashers, was finally released for Xbox Live Arcade.

While the games is enjoying a very positive reception it seems that there are issues with online play being experienced worldwide. We managed to get our hands on the game yesterday to give it a bash and it is proving to be a heck of a lot of fun. The only issue comes in when trying to play online.

The game seems to be suffering from issues that cause the game to begin lagging and then ultimately drop completely. At first we thought it was down to an issue on our side (more specifically my side) but we eventually went onto the internet to see if the rest of the world was having issues as well.

On the TeamXbox forums, I managed to find an official Castle Crashers thread that had many a member complaining about issues with games dropping and freezing. In other local tests some of the SA guys managed to play with 2 – 3 people for long periods of time but none have yet been successful when a 4th was added. Other games just died out after mere minutes.

I have checked the official Castle Crashers website but at the moment they are experiencing issues with their server being flooded so I can’t check to see if they have officially recognised the issue.

With complaints arising worldwide I am sure that it is only a matter of time until the problem is sorted out with a patch but till then, be warned. If you are specifically downloading the game for online play then you might be disappointed when the games keep dropping so I suggest that you hang back and wait for a patch.

Either that or you could go buy some beers and extra controllers and invite some friends over for an evening of mayhem. That’s the way that we did it back in the olden days, remember?

Last Updated: August 28, 2008

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