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Castlevania Developers Learned From Their Mistakes, Next Game Will Be Better

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow released last year as an attempt to bring a non-2D Castlevania into our generation with it’s action-adventure antics.

While I reviewed it and really liked it, the game was still clearly full of strange decisions and omissions from the design that made some parts of the game very confusing or frustrating, especially in the early stages of the game. Just a few days ago I actually told someone that it felt like the developers actually progressively got better at making games as you got further and further through the game.

Turns out I was quite right. So will it be a sequel or another project?

While there has been no official unveiling or announcement (but hey Gamescom may bring a surprise), the developers at MercurySteam should be working on a sequel as the game’s composer let slip on Spanish radio last year that the MercurySteam was in fact working on a follow up.

When I see how much potential was lost to some bad choices made in Lords of Shadow, it’s easy to see that if MercurySteam get everything polished, we could have an incredible franchise on our hands. It looks like that could very well be the case, as the company’s co-owner Enric Alvarez has had a bit to say on the whole experience:

“Of course, there were a lot of things with Castlevania we would have loved to have done better. But I’m convinced the following game will be better,”

“Hopefully in our next project we’ll be able to improve on all the aspects. We’ve taken note of things that have gone well and others that didn’t. Now, we’ll see what happens.”

“Looking back, in spite of all the errors, honestly, I don’t think we went wrong,”

“Of course, the framerate could have been better in some places, but I’m sure this game is completely playable and you can enjoy it as it is.”

“There were some puzzles that were a bit obtuse because they didn’t have sufficient clues, but that’s only in a minority of cases.

“These are problems of implementation, not problems based on philosophy or because of having taken wrong decisions. Mentally, I go back and I think, if I were to start anew, I would take the same decisions and develop the same game.”

He also made no attempt to hide the very Shadow-of-the-Colossus-like Titans battles, rather opting to praise the game and its creators instead, saying:

“When we finally finished up we were tremendously proud of the result, and we even felt more admiration for the work of Team Ico with Shadow of the Colossus,”

As a big fan of the game, I was very glad to see that the developers were being open about the obvious issues and planning to rectify all of them in the sequel. The game looked amazing and played amazing, it just got a little rough here and there, is all.

This excites me to no end and anyone who has played and finished Lords of Shadow probably feels the same. A sequel would be most welcome.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: August 16, 2011

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