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C&C Generals 2 is skipping single player

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I’ve regularly relayed my ire regarding the focus some developers have on multiplayer and competitive gaming – and now I get to whine and moan even more.We already know that EA and Bioware has said their take on the Command and Conquer Universe with Generals 2 will be an online focused, free-to-play title – but they’ve now revealed that it won’t include a single player campaign. GAAAAAAH!

Speaking to PC Gamer, Bioware Victory’s general manager John Van Caneghem confirmed that Generals 2 launch sans single player campaign, and that the game will be focused on online PvP and Co-op – with an additional focus on e-Sports. Don’t hold your breath for any of the other C&C offshoots getting any single player treatment any time soon either; Bioware Victory will be bringing them back – but as online games as well

“We decided to choose Generals as the first set of games we build under the universe, but we’ll be expanding after that, like Tiberium and Red Alert as well as some others as well. But Generals 2 was the first one, and it was one of the biggest sellers, as well as the fanbase has been asking for it for some time.”

Van Caneghem says that the move was made to “really want to get back to the roots of what made Command & Conquer great.” What made it great, if you ask me, was the fantastic single-player, punctuated as it was by cheesy cut-scenes. As you’d expect, there’s already a petition to actually bring the game back to its roots – by asking for the game to include single player, and skip the free-to-play route. According to Van Caneghem, more modes – including a story mode could be added post launch, if enough people want it.

I don’t know about you – but Command and Conquer’s pretty much dead to me.

Three cheers to Westwood.

Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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