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CD Projekt Founders Resign – Witcher 2 “Not Threatened”

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The co-founders of CD Projekt, who made The Witcher and owns GOG.com, have resigned from the managerial positions. We aren’t talking middle-management tomfoolery here, one was the CEO and the other was the business development director. In other words, two very important positions have become vacant.

The reason cited for the resignations was that they “simply decided to take a longer leave in order to restore energy and to avoid being burned out”, according to CD Projekt spokesman Hubert Habas.

Habas, which sounds awfully like Hamas, added:

Both Marcin and Michal have resigned from the positions they held, however they have not left the company. They wanted to step back and relax after very busy last period, after finalising the venture with Optimus and other strategic projects.

I don’t know a lot about business and the corporate world, but I don’t see how the CEO would vacate his post just for a longer holiday. Its also fishy that both co-founders have resigned their posts at the same time, given the recent shenanigans.

Who cares about the corporate stuff though, we care about The Witcher 2. According to hamas Habas, we needn’t fear. “Every company inside CD Projekt group has their own management working independently from the owners. Therefore neither company nor its projects are threatened or postponed”, he said. Which is excellent news.

The first Witcher was quite something, that came from left field to critical and commercial success. Hopefully its follow-up does the same. Check here for the most recent trailers from GamesCom.

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Last Updated: October 12, 2010

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