CDPR trying to improve Witcher 3 PS4 frame rate

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I’ve only recently started playing The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 4, and it’s a pretty damned addictive time sink of a game. I’m only going to do that one main quest, I’ll tell myself, before it’s 4 in the morning and I’m chasing question marks all over the map. The game is good stuff, but it’s still a bit wonky, particularly on the PlayStation 4 where the frame rate is often all over the place. CD Projekt RED really, really wants to fix that.

The PC version is being updated to 1.06 this week, bringing with it some minor changes:

  • Fixes the endless loading screen when fighting the Ice Giant during the quest ‘Lord of Undvik’
  • Geralt’s clothes will no longer be wet after leaving the menu
  • The gate in the crypt now works correctly during the quest ‘Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear’
  • Fixes the lack of interaction with Roche on Oxenfurt Bridge in the quest ‘Get Junior’
  • Fixes an issue that prevented players from creating more than one item via Crafting/Alchemy

But it’s the console versions that need optimisations. Unfortunately CDPR doesn’t quite know when that’ll happen. Here’s what CDPR’s Marcin Momot says to the many, many people asking about PS4 frame rate fixes:

Our development team is still looking into this issue. FPS on PS4 has been slightly improved with the recent patches but we want to say something when we have solid facts to present to you. As mentioned, the team is trying to improve this aspect of the game, and I will share the information with you as soon as I have something.

The frame rate has indeed improved exponentially on the PS4 since I first saw the game running without its day one patch; it was nigh unplayable then. Now, it’s a heck of a lot better, and is on the cusp of being a fantastic experience. I’m finally on level 6, guys. This game will last me until November, when Fallout 4 is released. And then I’ll be stuck in another endless RPG. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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