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CES 2010: 3D TV’s, consoles and funny glasses

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The biggest selling point at CES this year has been the abundance of 3D technology in all shapes and forms.

It appears that 3D is 2010’s Blu-Ray and we are going to be hearing a lot more about it as the year trundles on. Especially seeing as the World Cup is going to be filmed in full 3D thanks to some fancy Sony tech.

Though one of the interesting things to notice from a gaming standpoint is that 3D gaming is coming, whether Microsoft or Sony want it to or not. In fact it will have little to do with them or their consoles whether the 3D gaming arrives or not.

One of the most popular 3D games on show at CES this year is Gears of War 2 and neither Epic or Microsoft had anything to do with it. It was actually being played through a 3D television being developed by Toshiba and was being rendered into 3D on the fly.

Apparently the effect wasn’t as good as something filmed in 3D but it worked none the less and as time goes on it may well begin to work well.

Personally I don’t see it happening in the next 2 years at least and I struggle to imagine the day when we all sit down with silly glasses to watch TV in the lounge, it just doesn’t sound like something I want to do.

I have a feeling this 3D phase is going to end up being a cinema specific technology, or the rich kids down the street.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: January 11, 2010

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