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Characters in The Division are disappearing on Xbox One

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The Division is missing some players on Xbox One

The Division got a much needed update yesterday, finally adding late game content in the form of Incursions, fixing Daily missions again and adding in some player trading. The update went smoothly for most, especially on PS4 and PC, but a few Xbox One players are running into a nightmare bug. A bug that is completely wiping their character progress from the server – some of which includes hundreds of hours of game time.

The reports of player data disappearing started trickling onto Reddit last night, with a growing number of Xbox One players reporting that their characters were no longer available to play when logging into the game. Surprisingly it seems confined to Microsoft’s console, with not a single player from PS4 or PC reporting the same issue. It seems relatively small now with under 100 players experiencing the issue, but it’s one Ubisoft isn’t taking lightly.

A Ubisoft Massive representative took a few names and Gamertags from the thread on Reddit, and promised that they would be looking into the issue on a case by case basis to determine the cause. There were, however, no promise that the lost data could be restored, leaving those affected incredibly angry over losing so much progress in the blink of an eye. As one Redditor puts it:

My gear score was 180 (I believe), 53 DZ, many extra items (clearly), 6-7+ days of game play time… I have no alts. If I can’t get my character back, I will (for real) never play a Ubi game again, hopefully join other angry players and lobby against them, and finally take a shit on their lawn. I’m very serious about the first 2 things.

He seems serious, doesn’t he?

But it’s anger that I can sympathise with. Online game like The Division require dedication, and having days of progress pulled from under you is a sure fire way of ensuring that many players won’t come back. Ubisoft are taking it seriously, so I hope for the sake of all those affected they can work up a fix in no time.

Last Updated: April 13, 2016

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