Cheaters already invading Halo Reach – Bungie need to act fast to stamp this out

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Bungie has warned that it has already started spotting cheats on Halo Reach and that it will not hesitate to punish the offenders in numerous possible ways.

In all honesty it sounds like they are excited to play with their new banhammer tools so if you are planning on cheating, being a bad sport or just generally being a douche bag then maybe Halo Reach isn’t for you.

Here’s Bungie had to say

“Our team is standing at the ready behind the sights of our fully operational Banhammer Battlestation. We take the Reach online experience VERY seriously,

Bungie has invested years of hard work creating a game that we want our fans to enjoy for years to come and we have zero tolerance for people who try and ruin that experience for others.

We are already aware of a number of nefarious deeds by a very small percentage of early adopters and we have already been taking action. We expect that a few more will turn up once the population explodes on September 14th. We will be ready, watching, waiting, firing at will on people who deserve it,

We have all sorts of new fancy tools at our disposal now and as we start to come up to full speed we’ll be engaging all of them," Bungie added. "Voice bans, host bans, console bans, gamertag bans, credit bans and the automatic habitual quitter penalty are but a few of our sharply honed weapons hungering for blood.”

My stupid Halo Reach didn’t arrive yesterday so I can’t say I have any idea what they are talking about but I am sure they have seen how glitches and cheats ruined a large part of MW2 and will be doing their very best to ensure their Halo retirement is a golden one.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: September 15, 2010

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