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Check Out How Amazing Singapore's Arcades Are

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The arcade scene is all but dead in almost every region of the world except some parts of Asia. The worst part is that we actually don’t understand what we are missing, but after seeing this video you will.

Two professional Street Fighter players who usually run a series of shows from Los Angeles (now under Machima.com) were recently in Singapore, and what they found, including an arcade with three giant screens to watch games being played, was pretty spectacular.

As a big fan of Street Fighter and live stream tournaments, I watch these guys a lot and their videos, specifically “Cross Counter” and their “Excellent Adventures”, “Marvelous Adventures” and “Inkredible Adventures” videos are usually really awesome.

In this recent video though, they take a tour of the arcade scene in Singapore, and the locations and arcade vibes are just awesome.

The description of the video says the following:

After Shadowloo Showdown 2011 in Australia, Gootecks and Mike Ross took a weeklong diversion to the beautiful country of Singapore. But the guys weren’t exactly on vacation, as they were busy exploring what the Singapore fighting game scene had to offer. They discovered that the players of SG may be Asia’s best kept secret!

Gootecks and Mike visit the popular Illuma Arcade and VirtuaLand at Bugis Junction, where all the top players go. See the amazing way their arcades are set up for players and spectators alike. Then they visit a 16-man tournament at E2Max. Get an exclusive look at what the fighting game scene is like on the other side of the world!

Also, Gootecks and Mike discuss CompLexity Cross Counter’s recent signings of Combofiend and Filipino Champ to the team!

I actually ran into Gootecks outside the Staple Center in LA last year right before a giant Activision event and the dude was nice as all hell and him and Mike Ross are really doing a lot to spread the competitive gaming scene around the world and get people interested.

Thanks again to the guys from Cross Counter for making these awesome videos. You can check more out on their site, linked below.

Cross Counter TV (also check out their YouTube channel here) via EventHubs

Last Updated: July 11, 2011

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