Check out Minecraft’s amazing Floating Island contest builds

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I’m not exactly a Minecraft fan, as the game appears to be a massive punching simulation that ends with various wildlife being slaughtered. Still, folks who have spent time in the game certainly have churned out magnificent pieces of architecture, with builds that are awe-inspiring and took months to complete. Here’s a bunch more, that prove that video games are good for more than just senseless violence and slaughter.

Planet Minecraft held their ninth project contest at the start of the month, with “Head In The Clouds” having a simple brief to emulate the floating island map of that site. This is what the island in the sky looks like:

And this is what the entrants cranked out, as they had keep the original structure of the island intact while adding their own creative flourish to it:

The Wizard Academy map from the Elrinir team placed a massive castle on the island.

The team over at Pandora’s Blocks created Heartveil – Lost in Thought, which is more than just impressive architecture thanks to a gigantic flying whale hovering above everything.

Pvm_Cody’s created Areadore, a gorgeous map made up of trees and a forest with a small town nestled within it.

Celestial Isles from ElectrickPickle shows off a temple that may or may not be destroyed by a dragon very soon.

And MysticAbsents have created something that is just spectacular with A Lunar Dream, which quite possibly has the nicest castle I’ve ever seen. There’s a lot more through the original link of course, and it puts my efforts to shame. But to be fair, I did create one massive floating wang in the skies before the server crashed. I called it the Dong Star.

Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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