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TF2 Scout and Engi

Gamescom may not have been exciting for those of you back at home in terms of big reveals and surprises, but being there was an absolute blast! Picture the rAge expo and all the floor space it has. Now multiply that by say, ten to fifteen. It’s massive! What would a giant gaming expo be without a bit of cosplay?

Between all the appointments and interview shooting I did on day 3, I managed to dash off to the Swag hall to find me some cosplay. There were loads of people dressed up as their favourite characters, so I didn’t have to look too far.

What always blows my mind is the amount of time and effort people put into their costumes. Heck, Darryn for example has spent months and months on his latest batsuit which he will be showcasing at rAge. There were some incredible costumes on show, and I managed to film just a handful of the masses of cosplayers. Check it out!

I’ve never cosplayed in my life, but I think there are one or two characters I could attempt. Who do you think I should give a bash at some point; Nabeshin from Excel Saga or Napoleon Dynamite?



Last Updated: August 19, 2014

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