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YouTuber builds working Batman grappling hook device

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We all wish we could be many things in our lives, but I’m pretty sure most of us would wish we could be Batman. After all, being a reclusive billionaire with a massive man-cave filled with all manner of gadgets and cars is easily one of the most desirable jobs in the world. And while sadly none of us have the resources or dead parents to enable us to build our own Batcave and acquire all the necessary skills to become the dark knight himself, that doesn’t mean we can’t use some ingenuity to at least make some of his nifty tools a reality.

That is what one YouTuber – Built IRL – with far too much time on his hands endeavoured to do and has released a video about how he was able to build his own grappling hook machine that functions pretty similar to the games and movies. Unlike most of my DIY projects, it actually works:

This is certainly an impressive device. The unit fits entirely on the arm and feature a CO2-powered blasting mechanism that shoots the hook into certain objects and a powerful 10,000W motor that is strong enough to pull him up into the air. It looks a little unwieldy in use and no doubt puts a lot of stress on that one shoulder, but its all worth it when pulling off one of Batman’s most iconic movies to your friends, even if its only a few feet into the air and not the top of a building.

The device isn’t for sale, but he has created a video showing how he went about making it in more detail. Which means we’ll inevitably see Darryn spending even more hours this year updating his Batman suit to include this new feature too. Next for the YouTuber, is an attempt to bring a working version of Spider-Man’s web-shooters to life, so expect even more comic book fans to go nuts over these videos and copy his designs.

Last Updated: January 4, 2021

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