Forza filmspeed

It’s not easy to make a game stand out these days. Simply put, you need a stunt of some kind in order to draw attention. And Forza 5 did just that, as they combined still photography, fast cars and an empty track to create something special.

Tanner Faust, whose name you might recognize from the soulless and bland Top Gear USA, strapped himself into a McClaren and helped create the FilmSpeed advert. And it looks stunning. In order to achieve that CGI effect, hundreds and hundreds of those boards were placed next to the track, and spaced no more than seven inches apart.

I’ll give Faust credit, because he had to maintain a speed of up to 120 MPH throughout the run in order to help create a smooth video, something which took plenty of skill and talent. And the results, speak for themselves.

Now that’s how you advertise a game.

Last Updated: September 23, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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