Check out the gory first trailer for Drakenguard 3

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I’ve been playing this new drinking game,based on Japanese game tropes. Have a shot every time you see a character with flawless skin,massive weapons,helium voices, unnecessary screaming,perfect hair and human bodies with too much blood. I may have given myself alcohol poisoning after having played this game while watching the debut trailer for Drakenguard 3.

Well it certainly looks like Drakenguard, according to me, a guy who has never even played the first two games in the series. It looks typically repetitive in an action game sense, reminiscent of other Eastern games such as Dynasty Warriors.

Drakenguard 3 is out in Japan on October 31 for Playstation 3, so don’t expect it to be here before the end of the year because localisation. Also, holy crap! Was that lady riding a dragon?

Far out man, far out.

Last Updated: July 2, 2013

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