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If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m a huge Resident Evil fan… HUGE I SAY! I’ve played em all: 1 (original and remake), 2, 3, Code: Veronica, 4, 5, Revelations 1 and 2, and a whole bunch of in-between spinoffs. Yes, I know 6 is missing, but I will rectify that, no matter how bad the game supposedly is, come the next Steam Sale. Know what else is missing from that list? Resident Evil 0 – the GameCube prequel to the very first title. I never owned Nintendo’s pre-Wii console, meaning I missed out on what is apparently a gem of a game. Thankfully, it’s getting a HD spit and polish for the new generation of consoles, meaning I can finally go back in time to see exactly what kicked off this awesome franchise.

Here’s the game’s latest trailer (via Destructoid):

Return to the origins of the Resident Evil series in this HD remaster of the 2002 survival horror classic, Resident Evil 0.

If your video viewing capabilities are limited, fear not. Here are a bunch of screenshots to sink your eyes into:

Static camera? Check! Limited ammo? Check! Typewriters? Check! Lack of side-step/strafing? YOU BETCHA! I am super excited to go old school!

Resident Evil 0 gave players control of two characters; Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. Only one could be controlled at a time. With this remake, I wonder if we will get some sort of co-op? I’m not sure if it would work, but if Capcom could pull it off, that’d be amazing! Then again, titles like these rely on the solo experience to fully exploit the horror aspect.

It matters not, I am looking forward to it for sure! What about you? Are you keen to (re)visit the mansion where it all began? Are you itching for some zombie/leech hunting?

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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