Check out the new multiplayer mode in MW3

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Two of the biggest complaints in this generation of gaming is that Call of Duty is a generic shooter year on year with no innovation and that map packs are just a rip off.

Well it looks like Infinity Ward may be about to refute both those accusations with one single move. Their latest DLC Collection intelligently titled, DLC Collection 2, is not only bringing us some epic new maps but also some entirely new gameplay.

So not only is the map pack looking like great value for money but Call of Duty is adding gameplay that I haven’t experienced since DM4 in Quake 1.

I don’t even know where my MW3 disc is but I am very tempted to hunt it down and join in for some 2v2 gameplay even though I’m terrible at this game.

Maybe we should organise a junior Modern Warfare 3 tournament?

Watch it here:


Last Updated: May 10, 2012

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