ryse steel

I like my historical accuracy the way I like my Asterix books: With an attention to detail that ends in an entire army of Romans getting P-klapped by some boisterous French villagers with an indomitable spirit. Ryse: Son of Rome is scratching at least one of those itches for me. And it’s using something long and sharp to do so. I prey that’s a a sword I feel on my back.

Master Blacksmith Tony Swatton seems to be in high demand these days. Fresh off of some Assassin’s Creed blades comes his latest project, a full suit of armour and weapons for lead character Marius Titus. And hot damn, look at that kit. Makes me want to build an aqueduct, introduce medicine, education, paved roads and the concept of a Roman orgy to the uncivilised masses out there.

Last Updated: October 28, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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