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Change is good, always, especially when it comes to MOBAs. Who wants to play the same game over and over again AMIRITE? Subtle tweaks can make a world of difference, bringing new life to an otherwise stale experience. Riot Games know this, which is why they update League of Legends so damn frequently.

Their latest tuning come in the form of patch 5.8. Here’s the official announcement off their blog:

Patch 5.8 is looking pretty diverse with the new Black Cleaver, a Ryze gameplay update, and some Howling Abyss upgrades (now everyone gets Lee Syndrome) rolling down the pipe. All three of those are fairly easy to discuss in their respective contexts, so we won’t dwell too much here in the foreword. Instead, we just wanted to say that we’re once again happy with the upward trend of champion diversity in all tiers of play, and we’re very excited to see the experimentation being tried by so many players.

Sometimes you really have to get outside of your comfort zone to find the new hotness. For those of you searching for the next support Nautilus, why not round up a group of ranked 5s buddies to experiment? This diversity dirigible (that’s right, we’re airborne now) isn’t going anywhere.

As mentioned by Riot, Ryse has received the most significant change in this update; he has been retooled and reworked somewhat. You can read an in-depth explanation right here.

The patch notes are too large to list, but if you’re interested in reading through them, you can do so over on the update page. Alternately, you could watch this two and a half minute video which highlights all the important stuff:

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Another neat feature stemming from 5.8 is the ability to find IRL friends in LoL. Feel like your friend list is a little desolate? Hook up your account to Facebook and find people you actually know who play Riot’s MOBA too! I’d make use of this feature, except I have no friends on Facebook to begin with.

I tried updating now, but the EU West servers are down. Perhaps the patch is rolling out as we speak. Are you excited?

Last Updated: April 29, 2015

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