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World War Toons 2

First-Person shooters feel like they’ve stagnated somewhat over the years. Sure, we have new stabs at innovation with titles like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (which admittedly, I loved) and Battlefield Hardline, but they really boil down to being the same old game with new toys and minor gameplay changes. Where is the next big thing?

It could be World War Toons, a new game being developed by Reload Studios. The studio’s staff is made up of the likes of former Call of Duty developers. Here’s the announcement trailer:

This tongue-in-cheek trailer tells the tale of doomed German soldier ‘Helmut who has found himself in the middle of a raging battle that has somehow frozen in time. He uses the opportunity to try and turn the tide of conflict in his favor until finally discovering his own body and realizing his ultimate fate.

The trailer looks pretty cool, but it gives no indication as to what gameplay will be like. According to the official website, there will be three different classes, and various tanks to choose from.

Axis and Allies and… flying tanks? Oh my! Change infantry classes on the fly as you battle for supremacy as either the cunning Officer, the stalwart Soldier, or the rocket-launching Heavy. Each infantry class will augment your tank class in unique ways so pick a tank that best suits your play style in the battlefield. Will it be something monstrous like the Tiger, or the more agile Sherman Firefly?

One thing that makes the game stand out is its focus on Virtual Reality. World War Toons has been built specifically to take advantage of the technology. I personally am not sold on VR as a whole. Perhaps this title will make me see the light. Even if it doesn’t, I can look forward to playing a standard version.

From its very inception, World War Toons has been developed to take advantage of the amazing presence and immersion that only emerging virtual reality hardware can deliver. No VR? No problem. We’re also shipping a non-VR version. Platforms to be announced soon!

Lastly, here are a handful of screenshots. Again, they don’t really reveal anything with regards to gameplay. They’re merely snaps of the playgrounds that players will wreak havoc in.

World War Toons

I’m interested to see how it turns out. How will it compare to future titles like Blizzard’s Overwatch for example? Will it stand a chance with that and Valve’s Team Fortress 2? I can’t really pass judgement until I have seen more.

What about you? Do you think this game will be any good? Leave your comments below!

Last Updated: April 14, 2015

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