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Check us out on the Xbox Podcast

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It was a dark and stormy night last week when I ventured to the Microsoft offices in Bryanston. There, I was greeted by a Wookie, who would join me on the Xbox RPG podcast. Hilarity and unexpected confessions ensued.

I suppose it was after I smashed through the glass ceiling on the COD: Ghosts podcast that Graeme decided I was worthy to be on the Xbox podcast for real. Of course it was for a topic that you all know I love – RPGs. There really was not enough time to talk about all the things we wanted, though. I demand a follow up episode to discuss story lines, character development and about a million other things we didn’t get to.

Listen to the podcast over on SoundCloud, or here:

Yes, I know, I made a shocking confession. But don’t worry, I have since purchased the first game in the franchise and will be righting that wrong over the December break. Also, I still can’t believe Graeme didn’t finish that game. Garth and I really should have just left.

Oh, and before you all start clamoring about how we need a podcast, yes, we are working on it. Only ours will including foul language, inappropriate jokes and vehement opinions.

Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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