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Honestly, I was confused about the choice of Chicago for Watch Dogs when I first heard about it. Isn’t is one of those fly over cities? However, the more I hear and see from Watch Dogs, the more the choice makes perfect sense.

First and foremost, Chicago is one of the most heavily surveilled cities in world. No good being able to hack into cameras, traffic signals and other devices if there aren’t that many – Chicago has tons. In fact, there is more surveillance in Chicago than in London. Dominic Guay, senior producer, explains:

There are over ten thousand cameras, all networked together, managed from a central point, and they can use those cameras to track people around the city. They can read what’s on a piece of paper just by zooming in. So that’s an interesting context to inspire us in Watch Dogs.

It goes beyond that, though. With a diversity of neighborhoods and incredible architecture, Chicago will look beautiful in Watch Dogs. Plus it gave the developers a lot to play with – a river for water effects and even impressive winds (it’s not called the Windy City for nothing). Be prepared for flying debris.

In fact, I got to chat to Danny Belanger, Lead Game Designer on Watch Dogs, about Aiden, Chicago as a character, and even what Watch Dogs will add to the sandbox genre after the success of GTA V. Check out the video:


Last Updated: October 10, 2013

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